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At Robinson Building Consultants, we provide superior consulting services related to any type of commercial building or facility. Systems covered in our inspections include the general physical condition, utilities, structural frames, the building envelopment, mechanical systems, electrical systems, fire protection, interior elements (tenant spaces), and common areas.

Need Additional Aspects Inspected?

No problem! We can customize your inspection to include life safety systems, accessibility accommodations, and environmental features.

All our inspections are conducted with thorough due diligence, as mandated in the inspection industry guide, ASTME 2018-15, which establishes a standard of commercial inspection practices necessary to produce a baseline property condition assessment (PCA) for commercial real estate. We conduct all research as outlined in the ASTME 2018-15.

Our Services Include:

  • Property Condition Assessments (the PCA)
  • Property Condition Assessment Standards
  • Pre-Lease, Post-Lease
  • Financing Assessment
  • Problem Investigations
  • Roof Condition Assessment Program
  • Environmental Assessments

Additional Services:

  • Future Improvements Needed

  • PCA Training Seminars for Businesses

We provide you with all the services needed to make a competent decision regarding your purchase, including your own assessment of what is needed to address the value of these adjustments, as well as their financial and environmental ramifications.